T shirt challenge, part 3: Sun T

Carol here. So, lately I have been really into this T shirt up-cycling thing. Maybe it is the availability of T shirts. I mean doesn’t everyone have a bunch of “Kiss Me,  I’m Irish” T shirts or T shirts from a previous job? Anyway, I hate to waste anything, so I began looking at T shirts differently. Not as something to throw away, but as a possibility.

That’s why the arrival of  Kendra’s botched T’s was timed perfectly.

Here is our 3rd attempt at up-cycling one of her botched T’s.

Sun T with rosets.

Another “I Love Bunnies” T. First, we cut the T and sewed a strip of T shirt scrap around the top in order to make it a tank top. Then we took some scraps from other T shirts, (Yes-we have a bag of T shirt scraps, need any?), and bunched them into rosets and hand sewed them onto the T.

And of course, gotta love the bunnies!

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