Mary's Baby Shower Gift

Friend of citymade, Mary A., is having a baby boy! YAY! We wanted to do something special for Mary’s baby, while keeping our gifts handmade. Lucky for us, we know the very talented artist/designer Kendra Shedenhelm.

Kendra and Carol went to middle and high school together. Kendra lives in Brooklyn and designs t-shirts and onesies for babies and kids. You can find her t-shirts/onesies here at her Etsy shop  big bridge studios. I really encourage you to check out her stuff. She is immensely  talented. She is also super generous to citymade and has sent us various textiles to up-cycle.

I looked around at her Esty shop and found 2 adorable onesies for Mary’s babe.

We made a gift bag and used one of Kendra’s “botched” tshirts (that she had sent us to up-cycle) for the pocket. The outside of the bag is an old denim shirt and the lining is an old men’s dress shirt (triple re-purpose!)

Kendra is also the designer (her sister Kelli is the author) for the baby book I Am ! Yo Soy! . It is a great book with lots of pictures of babies, including Kendra’s adorable son!

Melany and I decided to add that to Mary’s gift bag.

Finally, Melany made a handy wall tote, because with all that baby stuff, it has to be put somewhere.

All the gifts. . . .

. . .fit inside. . .

. . .and Mary loved them and we love her!

THANK YOU, KENDRA!! We love you, too!

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  1. kendra says:

    I am over the MOON about this post! You make me and my clothes and my “botched” prints look better! I love it, I love it, I love it.

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