Anna's Christmas Dress

We had this great red satin women’s shirt in our stash of items to repurpose.  I had always pictured it as a Christmas dress for Anna.

The time came to refashion the shirt into a dress so that she would have it for a school Christmas singing event.  She tried it on and I pinned all of the places that needed taken in.  I took in the shoulders, the back and the sides and surged all of the seams.  I also noticed that it was a bit short so I added a ruffle to the bottom.  Luckily we had some red satin fabric in our fabric stock that matched the shirt.  Anna looks so grown up in her new Christmas dress.

Anna’s sister Lauren couldn’t help but jump in front of the camera.

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2 Responses to Anna's Christmas Dress

  1. Theresa says:

    So adorable! She looks so proud. =)

  2. Tara Duncan says:

    I love it!

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