Thanksgiving Turkey Wraps

It is Thanksgiving week!  Is everyone ready to cook their giant birds?

The question citymade is asking this year: How are we going to re-purpose that left-over turkey? For the next several days we will be posting recipes so that you can put that left-over turkey to good use.  Most of our recipes come from a trusted Whole Foods application for the iphone.  Carol and I use this app quite frequently and all of the recipes have been wonderful.  Our first recipe uses more than just the turkey leftovers.

Thanksgiving Turkey Wraps


2 tablespoons leftover cranberry relish
1 white or wheat flour tortilla
2 lettuce leaves
1/4 cup leftover stuffing, warmed
3 ounces shredded leftover turkey meat, warmed
2 tablespoons leftover turkey gravy, warmed


To prepare, spread cranberry relish on one side of the tortilla. Top with lettuce, stuffing, turkey and gravy. Roll up, then cut in half and serve.
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