Fall Sun-catchers

Here at citymade we try not to overload on the decor because we are all about functionality.  However, during the holidays it is hard to stay away from it completely.  We promise we will try to keep our Thanksgiving decor simple and tasteful.

So, if you were hoping for a tutorial on panty hose pilgrims

or pineapple turkeys

you may be a little disappointed.

And, by the way, pet week is over so you won’t be seeing any of this:


What we do have for you today is a simple idea repurposing a natural wonder of fall.

This idea can be done as simple or elaborate as you choose.  I chose to let Anna and Lauren do most of the work on this one.  We started with a nature walk to find the most colorful leaves.

I set the girls up at the kitchen table with their leaves and some contact paper and they went right to work.

I cut the contact paper into squares but you could experiment with different sizes and shapes.

Simply lay the contact paper sticky-side-up and stick the leaves onto the paper with the pretty-side-up.  As soon as they were satisfied with their sun catchers we stuck them up onto the windows.

We love coming home to our newly decorated porch.

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