Etching Glass

This week citymade is branching out and trying some glass etching projects.

We started out by doing our research and taking a trip to Hobby Lobby to find some etching cream.  Our next step was to find and create stencils to use.

For our first project we used a glass container that once held a delicious Tikka Masala simmer sauce.  We chose a tree design for this project and drew a tree freehand on paper and then cut it out.  Using a glue stick, we glued the tree to the glass.

To do the actual etching we used a paint brush and brushed on a thick layer of etching cream around the tree. After 60 seconds we rinsed off the cream and…voila.

Adding a candle was the perfect finishing touch for this glass.

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2 Responses to Etching Glass

  1. Catherine says:

    I LOVE it – – and I want to try this!! Is it really as easy as you make it seem?

  2. citymade says:

    Yes- It is easy. Well, I should say the etching part is. Melany painstakingly cut out the tree. The key is a lot of etching cream and patience. The design starts to show up more as it dries.

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