From Children's Book to Baby Journal

Melany here. I have always loved the way that the Little Golden books looked and felt.  Even the smell of the books brings back many memories from my childhood.

This particular Little Golden book was old and used but didn’t really have anything “wrong” with it.  Honestly, the story was just a little strange and kind of boring and just wasn’t a favorite at our house.

I did love the color scheme and illustrations in the book and chose to turn it into something a little more useful…a baby journal.  Using my box of scrap booking materials (no, I actually do not have time to scrap book if you are wondering) I covered up the text in the book with colored papers.  I also added pieces of lined paper to the book for journaling.   In the book I included the following topics:  Baby’s birth, about baby’s name, baby’s “firsts”, growth and development, baby’s favorite things and baby’s first birthday.  I also left designated space for photos of baby.

This small size of this baby book makes it un-intimidating, especially for a second or third-time mother.

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