Furniture Week!

It’s furniture week here at citymade. We are re-purposing old furniture into new things! We looked around our houses and found pieces of furniture that were still usable, just needed some updating.

Our first few posts will feature an old chiffarobe. If you don’t know, a chiffarobe is a dresser like item. Mine (Carol) had a closet attached to a dresser. I bought it 13 years ago and it was the first piece of “real” furniture i had ever bought. I used it for several years, but it’s age, and not so great quality combined with moving 6 times in 5 years (don’t ask) caused it’s demise.

Luckily, at citymade we don’t just throw things away. Christian took it apart and we used several of the pieces for various items.

The first thing we salvaged was the mirror. it is a heavy, beautifully aged mirror. I just stood it up on a table top for a nice decorative piece.

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