Fabulous Fabric Find

On a recent trip to Chicago, I (Carol) went to a certain large home store with a Swedish bent. While there, I scoured the “As-is” section and found this giant piece of linen. It was rolled up and taped with the price of $10.00. Of course I grabbed it and I am sure I looked strange practically jumping up and down at my find. Melany and I estimated at least 30 yards of beautiful, natural looking linen.  So, this week our goal is to make as much with the $10 fabric as we can.

Our first project is a window treatment for my (Carol”s ) dining room. My husband just re-finished our hard wood floors (thank you, darling). The linen made perfect sense as a curtain with its neutral color and clean lines. After a day of having the plain linen up, I added a bit of a blue with white flower fabric (also a fabulous find at $1.00 for about 2 yards). With just a hint of blue, the curtains, plus the wood floors, pull the room together.

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