Calendar to Kindness Award Chart

Remember the “Are we there yet?” time keeper we made with an outdated calendar?  Well, we have found another way to re-purpose an old calendar: A Kindness Chart

Here at citymade we are loving summer and enjoying having our kids at home all day.  However, we have noticed that this extra time siblings spend together can lead to extra fighting and arguing.

By taking a couple of pages from an old calendar we have a chart that we let the kids decorate however they wanted.  We explained to the children that when we noticed them doing or saying something kind to their siblings, friends, or anyone else, they get to put a heart sticker up on their kindness chart.  We brainstormed some scenarios together that would earn them a “kindness award”.

When the children fill up their calendar chart with heart stickers they get to pick a prize from the prize basket.  I chose small prizes that I knew my kids would get excited about but were also useful.  (Sticky notes, highlighters, chap-stick, mints)

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