Old Calendar to Time Keeper

We (Christian and Carol) recently had some visitors (our dear friends and family, the Honkoski’s). They were kind enough to drive in from Illinois, about an 8 hour drive. Not bad, unless you have children and they keep asking “are we there yet?”.

I decided to help Mom (Trisha) out for the ride home. It turned into today’s post. Old Calendar to time keeper.

I highlighted the squares of the calendar for as many hours as their ride. Then gave Trisha a bunch of stickers. Every hour that past the kids got to put a sticker on that sqaure. When they filled in the last square, they were home!

(I knew I saved old calendars for something.)

Stay tuned. Next week is Dad’s week. We are celebrating Fathers and re-purposing! Also next week, photos form our first booth at Benson Summer Arts!

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