It’s Spring Break!

Sadly that doesn’t mean that we have a trip to Cancun planned or even some warm spring weather.  What is does mean is that we have all five children home with us this week.  With that being said we have decided to make this Kid Week.  All of our re-purposing projects for the week will be child-focused.   

Our first project uses an old Super Nintendo that had just broken.  We took four of the games and hot glued them onto a sturdy cardboard box.  We also broke open the Nintendo and used the buttons for the sides of the box.  This box is the perfect size to store pencils or other art supplies on a child’s desk. 

Next we took one of the controllers apart and removed the chord.  Using hot glue again we glued the controller onto a mint tin.  This is great for storing paperclips, erasers or any other “treasures” a child might have.

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