Fabric Scrap Story Loom 

Today’s post is unique because it is triple re-purposed:

1. An old picture frame 

2. A faded out t-shirt

3. Fabric Scraps

First we stretched the old shirt over the frame and stapled it on using a staple gun.  Then we cut out shapes from our giant, but slowly shrinking bag of fabric scraps.  I (Melany) chose a woodland scene for my girls because they often request a bedtime story about fairies in a forest.  I hand sewed the scene onto the loom and hung it above my girl’s bed.  

I have to say that this was one of my favorite projects to do.  It was fun and relaxing and really sparked the creative side of my brain.   I am really looking forward to making more looms in the future.  This project may even merit a sewing lounge get together…loom party anyone?

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