Ice-Cream Bank: Re-purpose idea #25

Today we decided to make piggy banks out of plastic ice-cream containers.  I, Melany, am trying to teach my girls about saving money and being good stewards of what they have.  I decorated the plastic containers with paper, fabric, stickers and ribbon.  I then made dividers inside the piggy bank using hot glue and cardboard from snack boxes.

I cut three holes in the plastic lid and labeled the holes with the words, “save, share, and spend.”  I gave the girls each some money that they had been saving and told them that they could put the money in whatever slot they choose.  I tried to explain that the save slot is for money that you do not spend but save for someday when you really need it.  The share slot is for money that you will share with others that need it more than you do and the spend slot is for money that you can spend on whatever you want to.  I am not sure how much they understood but we will keep talking about it and practicing.  I decided to give them each some change to see where they would put it and to my surprise they divided it pretty evenly among the three categories.

It would also be fun to let the child decorate his or her own bank. Older children might be able to come up with their own categories to divide their money in.

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