Rainbow over Omaha into Rainbow iPod Case

This was a strange thing to see in Omaha, Nebraska on a snowy January day, when the high was -2. I was driving to pick up my husband from work when I saw this beautiful rainbow in the sky. It is one thing to see a rainbow in the sky on a hot summer day but seeing this on a frigid winter evening was like a gift.

Here in Omaha we have had somewhere close to two feet of snow dumped upon us in just several weeks. Winter is long and hard and messy and unpleasant. I was inspired to create something that would help me remember this rainbow until the first warm summer rain.

As soon as the children were bathed and asleep I went to work creating something from very brightly colored rainbow fabric that I had in mind. This case will only hold my ipod for now but will also serve as a memory of this day.

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