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Another triple re-purposed scrap project. The Scrap Wall Tote. We like making these wall totes. They are easy, functional and decorative. They make a great alternative to gift wrap (more on that next week). The outside is made from the … prednisone 20 mg purchase

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Fabric Scrap Story Loom  Today’s post is unique because it is triple re-purposed: 1. An old picture frame  2. A faded out t-shirt 3. Fabric Scraps First we stretched the old shirt over the frame and stapled it on using … buy prednisone for dogs

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Using bigger scraps from my previous curtain projects, I was able to make this cover for an entertainment center. Our media center was a bit of an eye sore, and this was the remedy for the problem. I made a … buy prednisone 5mg online

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We think there is always room for frivolity, so today our re-purposing project is less functional more fun. Started with a pile of scraps, cut from seams, in long strips. Wound them around a cardboard disc, and now we have … order prednisone for dogs online

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Scrap week continues at Citymade. We had a bunch of great scraps from some activity mats we made. With a little quilting, we turned them into coasters. We used a pinwheel quilt pattern and a bamboo batting on the inside. … order prednisone canada

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Carol and I have been doing so much sewing these past few months that we have collected quite a pile of fabric scraps.  We like to save fabric scraps for our children to “sew” and create with but our stash … buy prednisolone for dogs uk

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We are tying up purse week today with tie wallets. (We wanted to include the men in a post and since men don’t generally use purses.) We had some old ties, a little out-dated, a little worn. We cut them … buy prednisone online australia

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Carol’s sister Susan asked recently if Melany and her could think of anything to do with juice boxes. Well, we present the juicebox purse. It’s the perfect size for a little girl’s make-up or to use as treat bags for … can you buy prednisone over the counter

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Our next purse is made from a ripped pair of cargo pants  (Boys tend to be a little rough on clothes).  We used the cargo pocket on the leg for the outside of the purse.  To finish it off, we … can i buy prednisone over the counter in usa

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Today’s re-purposing project uses fused plastic bags. We took some store bags and fused them with an iron (not as easy as the you tube videos by the way). Once the plastic is fused, it is as easy to sew … buy prednisone cheap

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