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While we were busy getting ready for our second Farmer’s Market of the season, we took a look around our work space and thought it needed a bit of spring cleaning.

One of the things that inspired the clean up was the most amazing birthday gift I (Carol) ever recieved.  Melany built a cutting/sewing table from 2 book shelves and a salvaged door. (Carol: She built it in my basement while my husband took me out. She really is amazing!)

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Some of my favorite things about it is its practicality, its height (no more sore backs!) and how it makes our work space feel like a work space.

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When we decided to move the table, we made it a spring cleaning project and cleaned up our fabric,

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and reorganized our scraps, and numerous bins

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We even set up a “think/plan/nurse” area.

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It is amazing what a few hours of organizing and cleaning do for your soul and your work space!





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3 Responses to Citymade spring clean

  1. Amanda Perkins says:

    Love the work table! I’ve been planning and hoping to make one just like this for a while. 🙂 Might be asking you for some tips, Melany. 🙂

  2. Jana says:

    So creative!

  3. PitterPatter4 says:

    I can confirm the workspace is darling – it’s just so city_made! During ym tour, I had the urge to pick up scissors and do somehting….please, city_made, hold a crafternoon!

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