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Easter is here (for those of us who celebrate it), but even if you don’t celebrate it, you could always use a fabric basket, right? That is just why citymade is here.  And so we have made some baskets.

We started making these little baskets. Perfect for small items like keys or pens. It’s fun combining the different colors and patterns.

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Next, we wanted something a bit bigger. We made this one for good-friend-of-citymade, Michele. We used some orange combined with the fabric from (we never waste a scrap of fabric!).

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This basket is big enough to put books or magazines in.

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Then, good-friend-of-citymade, Mary G., asked us to make a large basket for a fundraiser at her daughter’s school. She wanted it to coordinate with a print of  painting she did. The colors were earthy greens and soft whites. But, we also wanted the basket to stand out, so people would want to buy it.

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We were really pleased with the finished product. It’s colorful yet elegant and large enough for a really BIG chocolate bunny!

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If you like our fabric baskets, we have a small one for sale at our buy prednisone for dogs. Or send us and email and we can custom make it for you.

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  1. Mom says:

    Love them!!

  2. Mary Gibilisco says:

    I already have my Easter basket ordered and in hand. Love that it can be reused!

  3. I absolutely LOVE these. The orange/black one is awesome!

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