June Farmer's Market and Sadie's Snack Bag

We are getting ready for the Omaha Farmer’s Market on June 11th in the Old Market. This week our blog will feature some of  the new products we have been making in our citymade sweatshop and a few of our favorite citymade products.

We wanted to start with a very special new product. We were inspired by friends-of-city-made, Luisa and Mark, and their dog Sadie.

Isn’t she adorable?

The whole family came to our booth at the last Farmer’s market. Luisa said she  was looking for something to put Sadie’s treats in during walks. At the time she bought a cute little wristlet of ours, but it started Melany and I thinking about making a snack bag for dogs.

So, here it is: Sadie’s Snack Bag.

The bags are made from up-cycled pants (cargo or denim). The inside is lined with rip stop (think sandwich wraps/snack bags) which can be easily washed. (We personalized Sadie’s by using a stencil and fabric paint. Want it personalized? Send us an email.)

There is also a strap with a hook to easily carry the bag or hook it on a leash.

Sadie loves all the different styles we have and so will you.

So come by the citymade booth on Saturday June 11th and check out these cute bags and so much more!

(Very, very BIG Thank You to Sadie’s mommy and daddy, Luisa and Mark!)


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