Linen pants to summer napkins

One of the glorious benefits of summer is the lush growing plants. We are growing quite a few things in the garden, including herbs. We took some of the Basil and Sage leaves and an old pair of linen pants and created the perfect linen summer napkin.

We cut the pants to create 4 napkins, sewed a seam around the outside and frayed the ends with a pin. The pin loosens the fibers and then you can pull them out to create the fray. Then we coated the leaf with fabric paint and rolled it onto the linen with a brayer.

What is really nice about these napkins is that, if you pull them out in the dead of Winter, it will remind you of all the warmth and sweet smells of Summer.

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Panty Hose to Plant Tie

It seems like “they” don’t make things like “they” used to. Take for example the panty hose. After one wear, they usually tear or run. Very frustrating, until now. We have a new use for them. The plant tie.

Just cut pieces from the legs and use them in the garden to stake tomatoes or peppers or whichever of your plants need staking. They stretch easy and are sturdy.

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Garden Hose Re-Do 3

Yet another use for an old garden hose:

We got this idea from Christina, friend of city made.  She cut two strips of an old garden hose and used it as a buffer between the chains on her baby swing and the tree.  Now the swing swings freely and does not tear up their tree.

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Garden Hose Re-Do 2

Here is another way to use an old garden hose. Saw blade cover.

Cut the hose to the length of the saw or blade. Then cut down the middle. Place the blade in the middle and now the blade is protected (or your fingers are protected, depending on your ability.)

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Garden Hose Re-Do 1

It seems like every summer we have to buy a new garden hose. As a result, we are left with the old hose, which usually leaks and has holes in it. Well, we came up with a few uses for old hoses.

Our first use is  part  as a grip for the metal handle on a  bucket. Just cut the length of hose you need for your bucket handle,  then cut down the length of the hose. Open the hose up slightly and put it around your the handle. Now you have a grip for your bucket.

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Popsicle Sticks to Plant Labeler

Summer+Popsicles=Popsicle sticks.

Once the popsicles are gone, what to do with the sticks? Use them to mark your plants in your garden. They are easy to stick in the ground and will hold up through rain. We just wrote the herb/vegetable name on the stick and stuck in next to the plant.

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Soda Canister to Rain Barrell

As we approach mid summer, city made is dreaming of the plump tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, zesty zucchini and the aroma of fresh basil all growing in the garden. Since we are spending so much time outdoors and in a garden, we present garden week.

The rain barrell.

It is a simple yet effective way to conserve water. Our rain barrell came from a carbonated beverage company. An elementary school painted it and it was given away as part of a summer arts fest here in Omaha.

You can retro fit the barrell with hoses and spouts, but you can also simply dip your watering can in to water your garden or plants

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Tupperware to Travel Tic-Tac-Toe

Here is another idea to keep the kids busy while traveling.  Start with an ordinary plastic container.  Cut out the game board and pieces using craft foam and…that’s it.  Tic-tac-toe is just one possibility for a travel game.

Leave us a comment if you can think of others.

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Ice Cream Bucket to Travel Tote

If you have children and plan on traveling by car this sumer, we have a suggestion for you.

Ice cream bucket to travel tote.

We had a gallon ice cream bucket. We filled it with car friendly craft items (crayons, paper, stickers) and small toys (cards, action figures). The bucket fits next to the back seat and you can put the lid on when you reach your destination. With an older child, you can have them pack the bucket themselves. Just tell them they can only bring what fits in the bucket.

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Bubble Container to Travel Size Bottle

Bubbles make a great party favor for any kid but what do you do with the bubble container when it is empty?  Put shampoo, lotion, or shower gel in it while you travel.  These are just as convenient as those travel size bottles that you buy but they are free and recycled.

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