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We can’t believe another Valentine party is here! Our friend Michele has an annual Valentine’s party and it is always a wonderful time; good food, great conversation and a cozy fire. And every year we try to make something  for … prednisone purchase canada

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Each year, for the past four years, we have made the girls Valentine outfits for our annual,  “Cookies and Cocoa” party that our wonderful friend Michele hosts. In 2010 we made “cupcake” skirts. This was back when we were just … buy prednisone online usa

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This past Valentine’s day we went, once again, to our dear friend-of-citymade, Michele’s, “Cookies and Cocoa” party. It’s an annual tradition that we all look forward to. And, as part of the tradition, Melany and I endeavor to create pretty … order prednisone for dogs

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Carol and I admit we have a fascination with quilters.  A handmade quilt is a thing of true beauty and dedication. In the past, we have made a small doll quilt from scraps and a rag quilt from baby clothes … buy prednisone for dogs online

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Today marks the beginning of the Christmas countdown. Only 25 days until Christmas! The anticipation of Christmas is so fun and children are always wondering, “How many days until Christmas?” Today we would like to take some time to show … can you buy prednisone over the counter in canada

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of our faithful readers. We hope you are all enjoying this time with your friends and families. This year has been one of joys and one of sorrows. We have celebrated the gift of a new … where can i buy prednisone

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Two years ago Carol and I decided that we would team up and help each other sew Christmas gifts for our friends and families. Little did we know what that Christmas sewing would lead to. Sewing together seemed to light … can you buy prednisone over the counter in greece

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What is the big deal with buying local and handmade? Well…where do we start? The differences between locally produced goods and mass-produced goods are immeasurable. Take produce, for instance.  Buying produce at a large chain store is a very different … where can i buy prednisone online

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Citymade is celebrating Valentines day by creating for those we love. 1.  Sweetheart Skirt- we made these for our girlies this year.  These are actually our February citymake of the month 2. Tiny Totes- these were made for our friends … buy prednisolone eye drops online

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For the sake of the day, Citymade commissioned a video project (from the husbands) to show a few of the less glamorous repurposed outcomes. While this post is the culmination of the once-a-day repurposing challenge, it is only the beginning … buy prednisone online for humans

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