Citymade spring clean

While we were busy getting ready for our second Farmer’s Market of the season, we took a look around our work space and thought it needed a bit of spring cleaning.

One of the things that inspired the clean up was the most amazing birthday gift I (Carol) ever recieved.  Melany built a cutting/sewing table from 2 book shelves and a salvaged door. (Carol: She built it in my basement while my husband took me out. She really is amazing!)

Some of my favorite things about it is its practicality, its height (no more sore backs!) and how it makes our work space feel like a work space.

When we decided to move the table, we made it a spring cleaning project and cleaned up our fabric,

and reorganized our scraps, and numerous bins

We even set up a “think/plan/nurse” area.

It is amazing what a few hours of organizing and cleaning do for your soul and your work space!