Vinyl Curtain to Bike Pannier

We end father’s day week with this re-purposed bicycle pannier.  Citymade dad Jeff rides often rides his bike to work and carries his computer etc. in his back pack.  This gets quite hot and uncomfortable so he requested a pannier for his bike.

My goal was to make as much of it re-purposed as I could.  I found a grey vinyl curtain and a black belt at a thrift store.

The outside of the bags are canvas but I lined them with the vinyl curtain.  I cut the belt and used it for a fastener on one of the bags.  I also cut a square from the leather belt for embellishment.

To fasten the bags onto the bicycle rack I pulled some d-rings off of an old travel bag and sewed them to the middle of the pannier.  The d-rings are secured to the rack with a couple of carabiners.

This pannier can easily convert into a messenger bag by clipping a strap onto the d-rings.

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